Signs  -  Tesla
Just What I Needed  -  Carrs
Hicktown  -  Jason Aldean
Name  -  Goo Goo Dolls
Picture  -  Kid Rock
Hit Me With Your Best Shot  -   Pat Benetar
Play That Funky Music  -  Wild Cherry
Heartbreaker  -  Pat Benetar
Ain't Talkin Bout Love  -  Van Halen
Mary Janes Last Dance  -  Tom Petty
Mustage Sally  -  Wilson Pickett
Rock Candy  -  Montrose
Revolution  -  Beatles
Paranoid  -  Ozzy
I Love Rock & Roll  -  Joan Jett
Who Knew  -  Pink
Panama  -  Van Halen
Rape Me  -  Nirvana
Keep on Rockin In The Free World  -  Neil Young
Zombie  -  Cranberries
Don't Stop Believin  -  Journey
Sweet Emotion  -  Aerosmith
Crazy Train  -  Ozzy
Plush  -  Moon Grind
Hair Of The Dog  -  Nazereth
Sorry  -  Buckcherry
Crush Crush Crush  -  Paramore
Just A Girl  - No Doubt
Breaking The Chains  -  Dokken
Hard To Handle  -  Black Crows
Mississippi Queen  -  Mountain
What Is And What Should Never Be  -  Led Zepplin
Take It Off  -  The Donnas
Sweet Child Of Mine  -  Guns N Roses
Supersition  -  Stevie Wonder
Man In The Box  -  Alice In Chains
Cumbersome  -  7 Mary Three
Sweet Madame Blue  -  Styx
Everlong  -  Foo Fighters
Celebrity Skin  -  Hole

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